The Itch

Friday, January 25th, 2008 • 2 Comments on The Itch

I’m getting the itch again.  That familiar urge to change something.  The itch strikes me three or four times a year.  Often, it is placated by simply researching change.  Other times, it will only be quiet when real change is implemented.  So I find myself still awake past one in the morning (when I promised my sleepy self I would be in bed by one), job hunting (for summer), house hunting (fall?  next spring?), vacation hunting (summer or fall?), publisher hunting (ongoing, constant, must find new venues for my work) and class hunting (summer, fall). 

The itch makes my skin crawl with urges to do new things and make new things and go new places and change myself, my life, my geography.  Change is good—but only when I’m the one making change happen.  Which is probably why the itch is tickling me.  “Change something now,” it says, “before something is changed for you.”

Good advice.

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  • JT says:

    I’m having the same itch.  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.  Or you could just call…

  • JMH says:

    Good advice indeed.  I have a bad relationship with biting insects, so I prefer to view change as a houseguest.  If I invite him in and feed him, he will be agreeable, sometimes even pleasant company.  If I lock the doors and windows, he will find a way in, probably while I’m sleeping.

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