All I Need Is Love (and Coffee)

Thursday, February 14th, 2008 • 1 Comment on All I Need Is Love (and Coffee)

I love…

—My screenwriting class.  I’m learning something new and it’s a challenge and that rocks!
—My screenwriting professor.  He is enthusiastic and interesting and we spent two hours talking yesterday about movies and my sucky screenplay and writing in general.
Pretty jewelry from my sweet guy.  He knows I like unusual designs and metals and he always gets it right.
—My pets, especially the old kitties and puppy who snuggle with me at night and make me feel less alone.  Sweetness!  (Until they wake me up with hacking noises and plaintive wails for food…)
—Flattering e-mails about my writing.  I’d call it “fan mail,” but I end up getting to know these people who say such nice things about my writing and become their fans!  I feel like I get more out of the experience than a compliment, every time.
—Sending out books.  Seriously.  I love sharing books—whether they include stuff I’ve written or not. 
—Waking up to a dusting of snow.  I’m ready for spring, but there’s still something magical about it.
—That I’m almost 41 years old and I’m ovulating normally!
—All of the cool, talented, fantastic women writers, editors, activists and bloggers I know—I wish y’all lived closer.  Seriously.
—Having a Starbucks down the street that has enough seating and power outlets to keep me working all day long—and home in 10 minutes.
—That my back doesn’t hurt.  Yay for pain-free days!
Baker’s Crust.  Yum.
—Anticipation.  Sweet and hopeful and breathless anticipation.
—Feeling free.  Comfortable clothes, peaceful work space, no office, no meetings, no boss, flexible schedule 95% of the time.  Freedom.  I never get tired of it and I never take it for granted.
—That I’m learning how to let go.  It’s a different kind of freedom, one I have never really understood.

Valentine’s Day and so much to love.  What do you love?

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