Oscar Dreams… Someday

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 • 1 Comment on Oscar Dreams… Someday

The Academy Awards are tomorrow night!  Which reminds me, I really need to get to work on my script for screenwriting class.  Heh.  Though we talk in class about selling our scripts as if it’s a sure thing—“When the director makes changes to your script,” “When it comes time to shoot this scene,” etc.—I have no doubt it’s probably harder to sell a script than it is to sell a novel.  For one thing, there seems to be a lot more budding screenwriters than there are budding novelists.  Perhaps that’s because there is more money in films?  Or there is perceived to be more money in films?  Plus, we’ve all heard the news—no one reads anymore.

So, yeah, I have a script I need to work on, but I have no illusions of fame, fortune or Oscar.  It’s kind of crappy, actually, but it’s really been fun learning how to turn these “scenes” in my head into a real script.  Maybe someday I’ll write something that will make me dream of an Academy Award for myself, but right now I’m just learning.  In the meantime, like last year, I’m rooting for the underdog.  I would love to see Juno and Diablo Cody take home the Oscar.  It warms my heart to see movies like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine holding their own against the sweeping historical epics and the gritty crime dramas.  It’s enough to make me dream…


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