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Friday, March 28th, 2008 • 2 Comments on Since I Last Wrote

See those pretty flowers below signifying the end of winter (such as it was here in Virginia) and the beginning of glorious spring?  The day after I posted that picture, I started to feel sick, so I took it easy and took a couple of naps.

Then I started to feel sicker, so I cancelled a couple of things and spent a couple of days in bed.

Then I really started to feel awful, so I cancelled everything else and made a doctor’s appointment.

Then I started to feel like maybe I was getting a little better, but I still went to the doctor yesterday.

Good move.

I have a raging case of pneumonia.

Good times.

Though the doctor seems to think I should be feeling worse than I am and despite the fact that my chest X-ray yesterday looked like an aquarium, I feel slightly human today.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow to make sure the antibiotics are taking effect (and hoping this third attempt to take antibiotics will not result in any adverse reactions like the previous two attempts).  After spending most of my week in bed, my insomnia kicked in last night and I was awake until 3 AM (without benefit of any caffeine)—which is a sure sign I’m getting better.  I don’t know that the doctor will believe me on that point, but I think I know myself pretty well.

So… one day at a time and trying to figure out how to make up for a lost week.  Easy to do for some things: grading, lecture notes;  a little trickier for others: screenplay writing, deadline making; and impossible for one: Jay still deploys April 7 and it feels like it went from being “weeks” to being “days” in the blink of an eye.



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