Why Men Should Not Be Allowed to Name Babies

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 • 6 Comments on Why Men Should Not Be Allowed to Name Babies

A short conversation, a few days ago


Jay, upon finishing an article in Foreign Affairs written by Lyric Hughes Hale: “I want to name our child Lyric.”

Me, contemplating the sound of Lyric Wright: “Okay.  That’s cool.”

A short conversation, today


Me, half-jokingly:  “If we had twins, we could name them Lyric and Poet.  They’re kind of gender-neutral names and you could call a boy Poe for short.”

Jay, seriously contemplating this:  “True.  He could be Poet Duncan.”

Me, surprised:  “That’s not bad.”

Jay:  “And I could call him Podunk for short.”

Me:  “You are not allowed to have anything to do with naming my children.”

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  • Jennifer says:

    Just read this post out loud to Mark, who laughed and laughed… wink

    Lyric and Poet are both wonderful names!!!

  • Alana says:

    Hmm, K. I think I SERIOUSLY missed something lately. Are you pregnant?

  • Kristina says:

    Jennifer—Glad we could make Mark laugh.  Hope there is good news.

    Alana—No, you haven’t missed anything.  Not pregnant, just trying.  (For the very brief period before he deploys… )  Will keep you posted—I’ll need advice!  smile

  • Alana says:

    OK, K. Good luck on deployment. You’re both brave and generous and brave.  XXOO

    As for advice: yes, anytime.

  • Katie says:

    I like Lyric and Poet, and I think if you have triplets you should definitely throw in Copy as well. Copy Wright. You could call it Cop for short, Nick would assume it is a personal tribute. Honestly though, I do like Lyric and Poet. There’s a celebrity with a baby named poet, but I don’t remember which celeb it is.

  • Rose says:

    Nah, considering how much you love your mac, I think you should call him/her apple. Maybe I’ll call mine Dell or something.

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