Coming Back Slowly

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 • No Comments on Coming Back Slowly

I’m slowly recovering from the plague (pneumonia, whatever).  My energy level is somewhere close to that of an 18 year old cat (I have one of those, so I can make the comparison), but the mind is whirring…

Jay’s birthday was yesterday—April Fool’s Day.  It involved birthday cake and much shopping.  Pre-deployment shopping, mostly.  He wanted a new camera for his birthday, so now he has one.  I’m terribly jealous (but I imagine he’ll let me use it when he gets back from deployment).  I told him to take many, many pictures of the flora and fauna in South America—just in case I don’t manage to find a way to get down there.

Sheri left Chicago yesterday, bound for a month in Paris.  Or 27 days, rather.  Drop by her new blog and say hello.  She promises daily blog entries and photos of her adventures.  I’m still trying to figure out if I can swing a few days later this month.  I don’t think it’ll work with all the stuff I have going on, but a girl can dream of Paris in the springtime.  Sigh…

I’m a few weeks from the end of the semester.  Much work to do, much work to do.  Assignments and lectures to write and grading to do.  That’s just for the classes I teach.  The screenwriting class is another story entirely.  I predict I will be writing the bulk of my script in the week before it is due.  Here’s hoping everything that’s in my head translates well to the page.

I know spring just started, but I’m looking forward to summer—which begins for me with my birthday in just over a month.  Goals and plans, oh my!

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