Discipline is My Middle Name

Monday, April 14th, 2008 • No Comments on Discipline is My Middle Name

This week is going to be all screenplay, all the time.  I hate that I have procrastinated so long on this project.  It’s not just that it’s for a grade and I like to get A’s, even if it doesn’t matter (I’m a masochist and took this class for


), but that I also want to enter the Virginia Screenwriting Competition, which has a May 23 deadline.  So, this “first draft” must be better than a first draft because I will only have four weeks to get it into “final draft” shape.  I am hoping my screenwriting professor will be brutal in his critique so I can actually spend those four weeks polishing my pretty story to a high gloss shine.

When I am not working on the screenplay, I will be working on late April/early May anthology deadlines.  There are anthologies that I really must make an effort to submit to—otherwise, I’ll be kicking myself when those lovely books go to print and I know I don’t have any chance of being in them.  I really hate it when that happens.

The good news is, I’m caught up on my grading and teaching responsibilities for the next week.  So, I really have no excuse not to spend every waking hour (or most of them) writing.  No excuses. 

Write, write, write.

When this semester is over and I have submitted my grades and my screenplay, I am going to reward myself with a hair appointment, a pedicure and a massage.  Maybe all in one day.  Conveniently enough, my birthday coincides with the end of the semester.

Until then… write, write, write.

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