Guilty (Sexy) Pleasures

Monday, April 14th, 2008 • 3 Comments on Guilty (Sexy) Pleasures

image  As I daydream about what I will do once I’m not figuring out how to bridge the gap between Act 2 and Act 3 in my screenplay, I contemplate my guilty pleasures… 

Though I have tried and failed miserably to write historical fiction, I love British history.  A few trips to England have only whet my appetite for all things British.  I missed the first season of The Tudors on Showtime, so I have the DVDs waiting patiently for me.  I heart Netflix.  The story of Henry VIII is filled with drama, scandal, violence and sex—rowr.  While I’m not sure Jonathan Rhys Meyers truly resembles the young and randy Henry (did Henry really put in that kind of gym time?), I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.  And while Showtime probably isn’t showing Jonathan’s… um… other attributes, I have seen Henry’s suit of armor with it’s impressive codpiece and I can use my imagination…

A girl cannot live by racy cable shows alone, so once I tire of The Tudors, I’ll turn my attention to the stack of guilty pleasures beside my bed (and those on the way).  I cannot wait to get my hands on my copy of Dirty Girls.  The virtual book tour continues to offer enticing glimpses into this sexy collection of 27 stories—including mine!  I’m looking forward to snuggling under the covers and reading the other 26 delicious contributions. 

Then there is my Laurell K. Hamilton addiction to feed.  (The vampires and weres—the faeries don’t hold the same appeal for me.)  I still have The Harlequin collecting dust and Blood Noir is due out at the end of May (love the title!).  Back-to-back erotic vampire novels… oh my!

I have other guilty pleasures that are sexy and indulgent, but I really should get back to working on my screenplay…

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  • JT says:

    Showtime might not show it, but there was some blogging a time ago about a movie where Jonathan’s showing his… um… other attributes.

  • jessie says:


    I am so happy to hear you are focusing on getting your screenplay finished. I am going to remind myself to send you a list of other contests you can submit your work to.


  • Thanks, Jess.  Any resources are much appreciated once I get this thing finished! smile

    JT—um… could ya remember the movie title and get back to me?  Thx.

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