I Would Rather Be There

Thursday, April 10th, 2008 • No Comments on I Would Rather Be There

I’m seeing the sun for the first time in… six days?  It’s lovely, but I’m seeing it through the window at Starbucks.  Sigh…

I wish I could be at the Dirty Girls party tonight.  That’s the problem with living in Virginia.  Too far from the cool places.

I could be hanging out with Sheri in Paris by this time next week.  I priced airline tickets yesterday and, if I don’t mind sitting in the middle seat for most of my flights, I could fly for under $800.  That’s not too bad for spring in Paris with one week’s notice.

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to book parties or on a Paris vacation any time soon.  I will be writing my screenplay and grading English essays and working on assignments and the final exam for Mythology.  Just a few more weeks and the semester will be over and I can live and breathe fiction writing for three months.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get on a plane for… somewhere.

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