Mission Accomplished

Monday, April 21st, 2008 • 1 Comment on Mission Accomplished

Sorry for the lull in posting.  I have been frantically trying to finish the first draft of my screenplay For Ever, which I can now happily report is


.  Of course, it’s only a first draft, but I have met the requirements for my screenwriting class and I’m happy, happy, happy to be finished!  My screenplay is now in my professor’s e-mail, awaiting printing and feedback (and a grade).  Then I will have a few weeks to cut and add, add and cut, revise, proofread and polish for the Virginia Screenwriting Competition.  It’s a long shot that I’ll even make the finals, but 1) I have a script, so I might as well enter; 2) It’s free to enter, so I might as well enter and 3) I have a screenwriting professor giving me feedback, so I might as well enter.  So, yeah, I’ll be entering the contest.  I’ll keep you all posted.

Working on the screenplay has pretty much consumed me this last week or so.  It’s a relief to be finished (for now), but I have a few other deadlines looming… soon… including anthology deadlines and, of course, the end of the semester for the classes I’m teaching.  So, the next couple of weeks will find me mostly at Starbucks, writing about sex, grading English essays and coming up with a diabolical Mythology final exam (mostly kidding about that one).  But, can I just say, the biggest weight is off my shoulders and I feel like I can accomplish the rest with ease.  I hope.


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