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Friday, April 18th, 2008 • 1 Comment on More Dirty Talk

Exciting!  My interview for the Dirty Girls anthology is now up on the Dirty Girls website!

Here is an excerpt:

What do you see as the connection (if any) between feminism and erotica? Are there feminist elements in your work?

Erotica, like feminism, is about empowerment. Erotica anthologies such as Dirty Girls are not only entertaining and arousing, they let women explore their fantasies and reassure them that it’s all right to enjoy sex on their own terms. When I write a story like “Beautiful Creature” and a woman identifies with the emotions and desires of the female character, hopefully she feels validated. And aroused, of course. Likewise, I think it’s important to stop excluding men from the feminist discussion. Dirty Girls is sure to have many male readers and, hopefully, they will come away from the collection understanding that female sexuality is a powerful force of nature — certainly as strong and meaningful as male sexuality — and something they should respect and cherish.

You can read the rest of my thoughts on erotica, feminism and where I get my writing inspiration here: Dirty Girls contributor interview with Kristina Wright.

(And thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel for the fabulous interview questions!)

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  • JT says:

    Female sexuality?  Girls don’t even think about sex.  Gesh!

    Now get back in the kithcen and make me dinner.  Bare food, of course.

    (Actually loved the article)


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