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Friday, April 11th, 2008 • No Comments on Not Really TGIF

I’m off to teach Mythology in a few minutes.  I’ve been contacted by both of the campuses at which I teach, to check on my availability for the fall.  I don’t want to think about fall semester yet—I want to think about the lazy, hazy, stress-free days of summer.  I’m probably dreaming, but it’s a nice dream.  I really am going to write my ass off this summer.  Still, summer won’t last forever, so I’ll be making myself available to teach in the fall.  Sigh.

My weekend plans include grading many essays and quizzes, beginning the process of tallying grades (I still have three more weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to start early) and hopefully planting my neglected vegetable plants in my garden.  After six days of rain, it’s finally sunny when I just don’t have the time to work in the garden.  Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow, too.

After those exciting weekend plans, I will be spending next week finishing my screenplay (due April 22) and writing a couple of stories for impending deadlines.  I’m not nearly as far along with my script as I’ve led my professor to believe—though most of it is in my head—so I will have some seriously long writing days.  Not a bad thing, really.  I just hate the looming deadline.  Then again, if not for the looming deadline, the writing days would probably be considerably shorter.

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