The Brain Wanders

Thursday, April 24th, 2008 • 2 Comments on The Brain Wanders

Today has been a day of distractions.  Between reading e-mail, paying bills, interruptions in my Starbucks routine and my crack-like addiction to Twitter, I am not having a very productive writer or teacher day.  Throw in a bizarre opera soundtrack playing loudly (that I am attempting to drown out with some old school U2) and some so-gorgeous-it-should-be-Friday weather, and I predict I will be making up for today’s lack of productivity tomorrow (and Saturday, most likely).  Ah, well.

I did finish my sex and religion story last night and sent that off (a day late—oops).  I like it, hope the editor and publisher do, too.  I have several more stories to work on this week and next—planes, trains, automobiles and corporal punishment.  Woooo!  I love my job.  Some other projects are in the works for May…

Before I can delve into all the sexy goodness, I must first finish my Mythology lecture for tomorrow.  It’s the last class before finals—how did that happen?  I’m a little disappointed I won’t be teaching it again in the fall, but I now have a wealth of material should I teach it again down the road.  At the moment, I’m only slated to teach one class in the fall—English Comp—but I hope to add at least one more fun (to me) class to that.

Okay.  Time to focus.  Seriously.


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