Who Needs Drugs?

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 • No Comments on Who Needs Drugs?

I wrote twenty-one pages of my screenplay yesterday.  I wish I could say that it has put me close to finishing.

I can’t.

There are a variety of emotions that run through me when I complete a chunk of a project in one sitting:

Elation: I don’t know if writer’s high is like runner’s high, but it feels pretty damn good.

Adoration: I love this story I’m crafting.  It rocks.

Annoyance: Why did I procrastinate so long on this project I love so much?

Hesitant Satisfaction: I think what I’ve written is pretty good. 

Exhaustion: Brain dead.  Can’t think.

Then I go to sleep and wake up feeling an entirely new set of emotions:

Relaxed:  I’m on track to finish the screenplay.

Excited: All I have to do today is write!

Paranoid:  What if what I wrote wasn’t as good as I think?

Critical:  There is stuff I wrote yesterday that needs to be cut.

Stressed: If I cut the stuff I wrote yesterday, I’ll be short on making my pages today.

Tired: It’s going to be a long writing day.

Time to get to work.

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