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So, I got my screenplay For Ever off to the Virginia Screenwriting Competition yesterday.  The contest is a baby step—a way to get my feet wet and get some professional feedback (without an entry fee—which is amazing in the world of writing contests) and to just feel like I completed this project.  Well, sort of.  The first draft was my end point for my screenwriting class and this second draft is the end point for this contest deadline.  There will be a third draft—perhaps a fourth?  We shall see.  I’m pretty much in love with screenwriting now and can’t wait to work on my next screenplay.  I’m making myself wait until the fall so that I can work on fiction projects already in the queue (and also to give myself time to finish the third draft of my first screenplay and start exploring my options), but I already have one or two ideas for the next screenplay.  Woo!

image  In erotica news, my editor Rachel Kramer Bussel sent an e-mail around to her authors yesterday to let us know Rubber Sex has hit the shelves and we’ll be receiving our copies soon.  I’m delighted that my story “The Dress” leads off the collection; it’s always a thrill to be first in the lineup!  Themed anthologies can be tough to write for—you have to come up with an idea that fits the theme yet is unique.  Tough.  I enjoy the challenge, though.

As she did for the Dirty Girls anthology, Rachel has started a blog for the Rubber Sex anthology.  I believe she will be adding related articles and links in the coming weeks, so drop by if rubber/vinyl/PVC interests you. wink  In the meantime, here is a teaser for my story:

The Dress

The dress made her do it.

It hung in the back of Carrie’s closet, hidden behind silk blouses, pinstriped pants, tailored suits, summer skirts and polo shirts.  It languished there in the farthest corner of the closet while other clothes were worn for business meetings and tennis matches and birthday parties and lunches with friends.  The dress stayed there when other clothes were tossed in the donation bag, when other new outfits replaced old, when seasons changed and wool trousers were chosen over Capri pants.  The dress was like an old friend, waiting patiently for a long overdue call. 

Finally, after months, the call came.

When Carrie put the dress on, she felt like a different person.  She was a different person.  She wasn’t Carrie the junior attorney at the law firm or Carrie the fitness freak or Carrie the buddy who was like one of the guys.  In that shiny PVC dress she became Carrie the seductress.  Carrie the bad girl.  Carrie the slut.

The next few weeks will find me catching up on anthology deadlines and working on a novel proposal… or two?  I had an idea pop into my head the other morning when I was still half-asleep and, miracle of miracles, it still made sense when I woke up.  I love it when that happens.



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