Thursday, June 5th, 2008 • No Comments on Listing

—You can dress it up like Malibu Barbie, but crazy is crazy.  I had to deal with crazy yesterday and it gave me a headache.  (If you want the full story, e-mail me.) 

—I was too busy enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame on Alison’s blog yesterday to blog on my own blog.  Blog. Felt like I had to say it again.  (If you know me in real life and don’t want to be traumatized, take my advice and skip the link.)

—My baby is going back in the shop today.  Hopefully my talented mechanic Rob will get her to purrrrr again instead of the chug-chug-chugging she’s doing now.

—I have non-Thanksgiving, extremely post-birthday champagne brunch plans this Sunday.  Exciting! I may not eat again until Sunday.

—I still haven’t quite figured out what direction I’m going in, writing-wise.  But I’m writing, and that’s the main thing.  I have two more months before I have to think about school (as teacher and student, again), so I’m going to focus, focus, focus and write my ass off.  (I really need to stop obsessing about my ass.) 

—I currently have ten short stories out (and one screenplay in a contest).  I hope to double the short story submissions by the end of summer, as well as get the screenplay rewritten and back out in the world in its truly finished form and finish one novel, one novella and a novel proposal.  It is good to have goals.

—I need to get a plane ticket to Florida for next month so I can see Jay!

—I need to figure out when I can go visit Sheri in Chicago (and see Leslee, and finally meet the munchkin and Jessie!).

—Summer has only just arrived and it’s unbearably hot, but I’m longing for fall.

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