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Monday, June 16th, 2008 • 2 Comments on Open for Business

According to my editor Alison Tyler, Open for Business: Tales of Office Sex has hit the shelves!  My story “Perks of the Job” is included in the collection, along with tales of work place interludes by Lisette Ashton, Xavier Acton, Donna George Storey, Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Young, CB Potts, Shelly Jansen, Maxim Jakubowski, Jolene Hui, T.C. Calligari, Marie Sudac, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jeremy Edwards, Savannah Stephens Smith, Tulsa Brown, Mike Kimera, Saskia Walker, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, N.T. Morley, and Nikki Magennis.  I haven’t gotten my copy yet, so I can only wonder if someone wrote a story about a Swingline stapler

Disclaimer: I do not work in an office.  I do not


to work in an office.  Words like “cubicle” and “conference room” and “company policy” give me hives.  However, I don’t mind writing about working in an office and, clearly, in my fantasy world of office work, you get to have sex.  smile  Who wants to work for me?

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