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I know Mondays aren’t supposed to be much fun, but my Monday has turned out pretty well so far!  This afternoon, I went to see Sex and the City.  I really enjoyed it, loved seeing “the girls” together again and love, love, love seeing women my age and older on screen playing sexy, confident women instead of… mommies and psychotics.  Okay, so a couple of the girls are mothers, but it’s not all they are… and that’s nice to see. 

Then I came home to an e-mail from the editor at XCite Books informing me that my story “Private Lessons” will appear in Satisfy Me, due out in August.  Fun news!

XCite’s covers are always vibrant and distinctive and this one reminds me of Alison Tyler and her CFPP (Call for Panty Pictures).  I love these hot pink rhumba panties! 

I can’t find a table of contents online for Satisfy Me—are any of my writing buddies in the lineup?  I hope so!  It’s going to be a steamy summer.

Hope you all had a good Monday, too!  smile

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  • High five! What an honor to be in a TOC with you, once again.

    Is it just me, or is she not quite *wearing* those rhumba panties? I’m not complaining, mind you.

    And did you know that those are also called “sissy pants” and “fancy pants”?

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