Sex Sells, Baby

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 • 2 Comments on Sex Sells, Baby

I got word this morning from the incomparable Maxim Jakubowski that he is reprinting my story “Skin Deep” in the forthcoming Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Volume 8.  Lovely news in an otherwise not-so-great week.

“Skin Deep” is my breast cancer survivor/heart transplant recipient story and one of my favorite stories I’ve written so far—which means it was hard as hell to write and even harder to sell.  I can always count on Clean Sheets liking my more unusual, hard-to-place stories and they didn’t disappoint—they first published “Skin Deep” in November 2007.  Maxim always seems to like my darker, sadder more complex stories and this is the second time he’s reprinted one of my Clean Sheets stories (the first was “At Midnight, In the Month of June,” my sex and death/widow story).  It’s always wonderful to sell a story, but finding a home for one of my more unusual stories is validating and inspiring. 

There is a terrific article in Publishers Weekly, talking about the increasing popularity of erotica.  Bedding Down, the December Avon Red novella anthology that includes my novella “One Night in Winter” gets a brief mention.  Exciting.

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