Sunday Blues

Sunday, June 15th, 2008 • No Comments on Sunday Blues

Why is that Sunday so often brings out the melancholy in me?  I’ve been trying to fight through it today by doing the things I really don’t like doing: cleaning, laundry and revisions on a writing project I just want to finish so I can move on to more interesting things.  If I’m going to feel sad, I might as well relate my mood to things I don’t like, right?  That’s my thinking, anyway.  That, and I had things that needed to get done today regardless of my mood.

Sometimes, I like my Sunday melancholia.  I’ll curl up with the newspaper and comfort food, an 80s movie on in the background and I’ll just be happy being blue.  If that makes any sense.  Sunday is usually a non-working day for me, so it satisfies my slothful nature to just wallow in the blues… for one day, anyway.  I don’t like it if it happens too often.  It irritates me to be lazy for too long, so I see these blue Sundays as my lazy days.  I’m practical like that.  But I couldn’t be lazy today.

Tomorrow will be better—the blues will have passed (hopefully) and I will feel pretty good for having gotten some work done today.  But right now… I’m just feeling blue.

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