Vicarious Glee and Lustful Nostalgia

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Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve followed Showtime’s The L-Word since it’s first season (and have crushed on Shane, Alice and a couple of the other girls along the way).  Alice’s “Our Chart” became a major plot point for the series and Showtime shrewdly realized the potential there and created a real Our Chart

As a fan and a writer, I was delighted to read Julia Watson’s book review of Lipstick on Her Collar, the lesbian anthology that includes my story, “Women’s Studies.”  I love it when popular culture and reality intersect in a project like Our Chart and to see a book I was a part of mentioned on a site that is connected with one of my favorite shows was very cool, indeed.  Then I got to the part where the reviewer mentions my story specifically and I grinned like a fool:

Domination and submission is a theme that is played with throughout the anthology, whether the game is well-known to the participants and outfitted with the latest in accoutrements, or whether it’s a simple matter of politics and power between student and teacher, as in “Women’s Studies” by Kristina Wright. Honestly, who among us hasn’t spent many a fond, if distracted, afternoon in class lusting after the professor? This story is vicarious glee and lustful nostalgia at its best.

Vicarious glee and lustful nostalgia.  I like the sound of that.  As for the story… maybe it was based on a real person, maybe it wasn’t.  I’ll never tell. smile

Thanks, Julia!

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