Weekend Roundup (Or, Another List Because I Have a Headache)

Sunday, June 29th, 2008 • No Comments on Weekend Roundup (Or, Another List Because I Have a Headache)

—The smoke from the fires in North Carolina (particularly the Great Dismal Swamp, which is practically in my backyard) is driving me crazy.  I have a perpetual sinus headache and feel like I’m going to start screaming and clawing at my eyes at any moment.  They say the peat fires may burn for months.  I really don’t know how I’m going to deal with it.  I don’t think moving is an option.

—This week has been a series of aggravations, leaving my annoyed and frustrated.  It seems as if everything I touch is destined to break or fail.  (For instance: this is the second time I’m writing this blog post because I somehow deleted it the first time.)  I have no doubt it’s my physical condition that’s affecting me mentally, but I have no patience for anything (or anyone) right now.  I really do believe in karma and connectedness and I keep reminding myself to relax and breathe so I don’t cause an even bigger catastrophe.

—The silver lining is that in two and a half weeks I will be off to rendezvous with Jay in Florida!  Though it won’t be as good as him coming home from deployment (which doesn’t happen until October), it is a much needed joyful break for both of us.  I’ll be leaving the computer at home and living my mantra of relax and breathe.  We’re staying at the beautiful Casa Monica Hotel and it promises to be a fabulous, decadent weekend.  I just have to survive the next couple of weeks…

—I’ve had a lousy writing week (or two).  Despite the lovely news that my story Skin Deep made the final cut for Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Volume 8, I have been lacking motivation and feeling like a writing failure.  I need to shake it off…

—Another little slice of good news this week: I got tickets to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  I have wanted to see him for years and was told on good authority that the first time I see him it has to be with the E Street Band.  So, I passed up his acoustical show a couple years ago and waited… and waited…  Then the Magic tour started last year and I waited as they added all sorts of concert dates in places that were too far away to be practical.  Finally, this week they added a show in Richmond.  Yay!

—Last weekend, I saw Billy Joel for the fifth time—the last time was in 1994!  It was a terrific outdoor concert with perfect weather—no rain and no smoke.  Though he’s starting to show his age, he sounded as good as I remembered and is still the piano man.  I get chills listening to him play.  I was sad that he wasn’t promoting a new album, though.  This was a concert where I knew every song by heart.  Not a bad thing—just reminds me that I’m getting old.


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