Curling Around Myself

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 • No Comments on Curling Around Myself

I straightened my hair this morning, taming the curls and the frizz, before I headed out to run errands—including applying for a replacement social security card.  My hair looked sleek and shiny for about an hour… then it started to rain.  After being in and out of the rain three times, my hair is now a tangle of curls in a soft-focus frizzy halo around my head.  My hair seems to be a metaphor for my life these days.  No matter how I seek to control it, bend it and shape it into something manageable, the powers that be (mother nature, god, fate, karma—pick one) have something else in mind for me.

It’s not that I don’t like my hair curly—I do.  I just couldn’t seem to get it to do what I wanted it to do this morning—curl-wise—so I opted for the flat iron instead.  Now I know I should have just left my hair alone to do as it pleased because within minutes of the first raindrops falling, it began to do its own thing anyway.  A flat iron and holding spray are no match for naturally curly hair in a rainstorm.  Lesson learned, with my hair at least. I shouldn’t straighten it if there’s even a hint of rain in the forecast.  As for my life—it’s hard to let go and trust that it will all work out even if I don’t attempt to force it into shape, but maybe I need to do learn to just let it happen.  Go with the curl, so to speak.

I know one thing: I won’t be straightening my hair tomorrow.

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