Getting Back on Track

Monday, July 21st, 2008 • 2 Comments on Getting Back on Track

I’m home again.  I would love to say I am well-rested from my three nights in a lovely hotel, but I’d be lying.  I did have a lovely time with the currently-deployed-and-soon-to-be-promoted-to-lieutenant-commander-hubby and the timing was perfect (for those who have been keeping up), but… sleep was not as abundant as I had hoped and was capped off by a 1:30 AM fire alarm the night before I left.  Sigh… I have been threatening to check myself into a hotel for a couple of days of uninterrupted, blissful rest.  In fact, Sheri recommends it.  However, I’d be annoyed if such a plan resulted in a bout of insomnia.  So, for now, I’ll drink my coffee and take naps as needed. 

Summer is half-way over (or more?) and though my writing to do list isn’t quite as daunting as Sommer’s, I do have an extensive list of things to accomplish before the fall semester kicks off and I’m taking two classes and teaching (at least) one class.  I love being a student and I mostly enjoy being an instructor, but it does take a bite out of the writing schedule.  And with Jay coming home in October, the annual Sheri-fest for ten or so days in November and the holidays after that, writing time will be a beg/borrow/steal proposition in about six weeks. 

So… I’m going to be writing my ass off (if only that were literally possible…) and attempting to get ahead before the fall rush.  Right after I take a nap, of course.

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