A Conversation at Starbucks (5w3d)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 • No Comments on A Conversation at Starbucks (5w3d)

Barista Boy #1 (doesn’t know I’m pregnant): What would you like today?

Me: A venti decaf black and white mocha.

Barista Boy #2 (knows I’m pregnant): You’re having decaf? Oh! Right! Decaf!

Me: Yes. It’s decaf from now on.

Barista Girl #1 (knows I’m pregnant): She’s having a Starbucks baby!

Me: Who will probably smell like coffee.

Barista Boy #1 (clearly confused): That’s… weird.


Barista Boy #1 (now knows I’m pregnant): I’m sorry I said it would be weird if your baby smelled like coffee.

Me: It’s okay.

Barista Boy #1 (so earnestly): I’m sure it’ll be a cute baby and no one will make fun of it for smelling like coffee.

Me: I think you should quit while you’re ahead.

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