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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 • 1 Comment on Bad Writer

I haven’t been writing much this week and last week wasn’t much better.  I’m not quite sure what happened.  I was rolling along pretty well and then… boom… wall o’ laziness.  Okay, maybe not laziness.  I do have other stuff going on.  But I don’t really have the luxury to not be writing much right now.  Classes begin soon!  Fall is around the corner!  The busiest season of my year!  I have so much to do before the year is out, I feel quite overwhelmed when I think about it.  So, don’t think about it, right?  Ahh, if only it were that easy.

I keep hearing the buzz about the RWA conference and wish I’d made it to San Francisco this year.  I’m hoping to make the conference in Washington DC next year, but that may not be a realistic goal.  I’m still going to put it on my to do list for 2009.  I’ve missed attending writers’ conferences these past few years.  Of course, just when I make up my mind that I need to be amongst other writers (something I really think would be a positive thing for me), other things pop up.  Oh well. 

As summer winds down, I think the only way I’m going to get any serious writing done in the fall is to make a strict writing schedule.  Normally, I pretty much write by the seat of my pants on an almost-daily basis, focusing on forthcoming deadlines first and then other projects as they strike my fancy.  What with teaching classes, taking classes, Jay coming home from deployment in October, Sheri here for at least ten days in November and then the holidays, writing will end up taking a back seat to everything else unless I am very disciplined.  So, one of my goals for the next week or so before fall semester starts is to draft my writing to do list for fall.

Lazy, but ambitious.  That’s me.

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  • oscar says:

    I guess that, except writers like Stephen King, most of the writers have a lazy period. I’m in on of those periods just right now. But I’m not worry about it. I know what I have to do. Write, write and write, even all I write would be a real shit. Keep writing. We need writers

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