Hello, August

Friday, August 1st, 2008 • 2 Comments on Hello, August

July was a strange, surprising, rollercoaster (literally) month.  I’ve spent the past couple of days riding amusement park rides in 99 degree heat, nursing blisters, celebrating a birthday, bowling badly (is there any other way to bowl?), laughing a lot, crying a little, making appointments, not writing, eating good (but not necessarily nutritious) meals and receiving a couple different pieces of lovely news, neither of which I can share right now. wink  But soon, soon.

August has arrived in all it’s hot and humid glory and I have inked a fresh to do list.  I have but a few weeks until fall semester begins, and much writing to do.  Not to mention planning for class(es) I’m teaching (still not sure if I’m teaching more than one section).  Plus there are the two classes I’m taking…  It’s going to be a busy fall semester, in many ways.  It’s mostly all good and I’m excited about the future. 

For now, though, I need to write, write, write.


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  • Jennifer says:

    What a month indeed! Take a little time for you and some rest…hey put that on your to-do list lovely lady!


  • Sommer says:

    well…*sputter* now I want to know what the lovely news is. That is so unfair! Hmm. Well, good luck with your list and congrats on your secret news and no. There is no other way to bowl but badly.

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