Prenatal Care… Eventually (5w2d)

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Dealing with the military healthcare system will be the most trying thing about pregnancy. I have very little experience with being pregnant, but I can still state this with utmost confidence. It took me nearly an hour and three phone calls to schedule my first prenatal appointment. Despite my “advanced maternal age” and some medical history that might make this a high-risk pregnancy, I was told they will not see me,

under any circumstances

, before my tenth week of pregnancy. If I have any complications, I’m to go to the naval hospital. Period. Go figure.

So, my first prenatal appointment is schedule for September 16. That seems very, very far away, all things considered. I’m not one of “those” women who wants a doctor attached to my side from the moment the two lines appear on the pregnancy test until Junior graduates from high school, but it would be nice to simply have confirmation that I have medical care. Maybe see the embryo on an ultrasound and know it’s attached properly. Have someone address my concerns about genetic testing face-to-face instead of giving me some vague (and incorrect) time frame over the phone. Everyone (medical community, included) acts like the fact I’m 41 and pregnant is the equivalent of the sky falling, so why doesn’t the medical community think it’s necessary to see me before the tenth week?

Ah, right, miscarriage. Why bother seeing me, doing any sort of testing beyond the basic pregnancy test, giving me any kind of reassurance, when the odds that I’ll miscarry before week 10 are around 50%, maybe higher. So, I get it—it’s not fiscally responsible to waste resources on women who might miscarry before the end of the first trimester anyway. Of course, there’s not a lot they can do for me at this stage. I know that.

But a little peace of mind would go a long way right now.

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