What Others Are Saying (4w3d)

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 • No Comments on What Others Are Saying (4w3d)

I’ve started telling people close to me, as well as some blogging friends. I haven’t yet said anything on my blog or made this blog public, but here is what others have written. I want to keep a record of it because reading their words makes me smile. I really am pregnant.

On Sommer’s blog:

in other exciting news, a friend got some very good news and i am vicariously doing the happy dance for her. so yay her. and yay me for good news to celebrate that isn’t even mine.

On Jae’s blog:

My best pal has revealed that she is with child, knocked-up, pregnant! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so elated over such news, not even from my brother. I actually jumped up and down when I was told. I’ve caught myself smiling all day. Without permission, I called a friend just because I had to tell someone.

She is going to be a great mother. Her husband, a wonderful father. That kid will have all the love, compassion, understanding and education that she and I so wanted in our own lives.

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