A Dog Day Afternoon

Saturday, September 20th, 2008 • No Comments on A Dog Day Afternoon

So, Henry finally had his surgery yesterday.  I picked him up this morning.  He’s pitiful and my heart is breaking for him.  The veterinarian who performed the surgery didn’t give me a complete picture of the after care involved when I took him for his surgical consult on Wednesday.  It’s frustrating, because I specifically told him that I’m alone for a few more weeks and asked if the surgery could be postponed until Jay got home.  The vet acted as if that was silly, I could certainly handle taking care of the dog by myself.  Of course I can, but I didn’t want to if I didn’t have to.  Yesterday, post-surgery, the vet called to explain the after care and said—and I quote—“It’s a two

person job.”  Um… what??  Didn’t I just tell him, the day previous, that I was alone?  Frustrating.

What’s done is done and the surgery is over and the mass (which is most likely benign—excellent news) is gone and now all that’s left is to help Henry rest and heal.  Doesn’t he look sad?


Please note: I only took his E-collar off so I could get him to eat.  The one they put on him at the veterinary hospital was too large.  I stopped by the pet store this afternoon and he now has a new one that’s smaller… and pink.  But at least he can eat now.

Another note: It looks even worse in person.

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