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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 • 3 Comments on The Big Picture

I was at the grocery store yesterday, buying my twice-weekly supply of raccoon food (bananas, though they also get peanut butter sandwiches) and the bag boy commented on my purchase.  At this particular store, at least three cashiers know where my bananas are going and tease me about it, so I try to avoid those lanes.  Of course, I guess I could just stop telling people who ask why I’m buying 17 pounds of bananas, but I haven’t figured that out yet.  The bag boy warned me against feeding them because they’re “wild.”  Too late, I told him, I’ve been forking over the bananas for three years now and they keep coming back.  “Well,” he said, wise beyond his sixteen years, “they keep coming back because you keep feeding them.”

So true, young bag boy.  So true.

My friend Wendy (aka my wonderful veterinarian), also gently cautioned me about feeding the raccoons.  Or, rather, she cautioned me to be extra cautious about washing up after I feed them and when I work in the yard because it seems raccoons can carry a parasite that can cause paralysis.  What??  Leave it to a veterinarian to give me the rare-but-extreme risks associated with feeding wildlife.

Then there’s JT (is that what you’re going by these days?), who is convinced all raccoons are rabid.  When going through my pictures, I suppose I can see why he might think that.  This would certainly give me pause if I didn’t know better:


But, of course, I


know better and recognize that is not the face of a rabid, woman-paralyzing beast, it is only a happy raccoon with peanut butter stuck in his teeth.  See?


Raccoons aren’t dangerous.  (But if I disappear, check the woods behind my house and follow the sticky peanut butter footprints.)

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  • Mel-O-Drama says:

    So, does feeding them keep them out of your trash?

  • Kristina says:

    I’m embarrassed to say they can’t get in the trash in the first place. wink  We have enormous, heavy city-authorized trash cans with hinged lids.  They’d have to be super raccoons to get into the trash. So… I feed them so they won’t starve.  Ha.

  • Edminster says:

    Hello! I have a rather strange request for you. Would you mind too terribly granting permission to use the Scary Raccoon photograph in a project that I am participating in?

    To be specific, the project is a fictional encyclopedia, and your picture would go incredibly far towards making the article on Canadian Panthers even more enjoyable.

    Now, what makes this a difficult question is that we fully intend to turn this encyclopedia into an actual dead-tree book. To do that, we need your permission to not only use it online, but in print as well.

    If it is at all possible to allow us the use of this photograph, please let me know. It’s just so absolutely perfect that Ido not think I can find it’s equal, and it would be terribly disheartening to discover that it is not available for this project.


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