To Do is To Be

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 • No Comments on To Do is To Be

My to do list for the rest of September (which sounds better and less daunting than “My to do list before Wednesday”):

—Grade 20 more personal essays (I’ve already graded 32)

—Post grades for 60 students (including 8 zeroes for the students who didn’t submit their essays or submitted them in a file I couldn’t open and ignored my e-mails to resubmit)

—Return graded essays to students via e-mail.  52 essays = 52 e-mails (a time-consuming, but mindless chore)

—Post announcement in both class sections that grades have been posted and essays returned (some of them rarely check their student e-mail)

—Post announcement about the most frequent mistakes made on the essay and hope they read it for the next essay (some will, most won’t)

—Field e-mails from students unhappy with their grades and students who are sure they submitted their essays and don’t understand why they got a zero

—Read and give credit for writing exercise that was due this week (product reviews)

—Take Henry to his surgeon tomorrow to get his very gross abscess looked at (and hope it doesn’t require another procedure)

—Finish a story for one of Alison Tyler’s anthologies (deadline October 1)

—Write a story for one of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s anthologies (deadline… now)

—Schedule a much-needed hair appointment (something I’ve been intending to do for two weeks)

—Pay the household bills, factoring in additional vet expenses

—Check my bank account to make sure community college deposit goes in for first pay period (paperwork issues, always)

—Wash kitchen rugs, again (Henry’s, um, drainage requires that all the rugs be washed pretty much daily just to avoid the serious ick factor)

—Mail some long-ago promised anthologies to a Twitter follower (packaged and ready to go, just need to make the trip to the post office)

—Mail a wedding card (the wedding was yesterday and I didn’t attend)

—Update Writing page and Amazon Store (I think I might be caught up on this project, but I’m adding it as a reminder to check)

—Read/approve edits on my two-girls-going-mudding story for Girl Crazy and e-mail editor with a requested change

—Print, sign and return two contracts

—Gather household donations for October 1 pickup

—Catch up on e-mail, the in-box is getting rather daunting

—Return phone calls before people start thinking I’m ignoring them

—Newspapers, magazines, catalogs: read and recycle

—Watch new episode of True Blood (all work and no play makes me crazy)

—Upload pictures from camera to computer

—Put Netflix movies in the mail (I’ve been meaning to do this for two weeks)

—Somewhere in there, jot down some notes about an essay that popped into my head the other night. Working title: “Bleed”

That’s all I have to do before Wednesday. Well, and the usual household stuff like laundry and pet care and food shopping. 

I’ll have a new list on Wednesday.  The “Things to do before Jay gets home” list!

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