Does Anyone Say Blogaversary Anymore?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 • 3 Comments on Does Anyone Say Blogaversary Anymore?

I’ve been quiet this month, haven’t it?  If you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you might think I wasn’t around at all.  But I’m here, hanging on, getting some work done, trying to set my life/schedule/future to order via a series of increasingly long and convoluted To-Do lists.  You know how it goes, right?

So, I realized yesterday that this week marks my blog’s fifth birthday!  Happy Anniversary, little blog!  Before I was Kristina Wright: Musings of an Insomniac Writer, I had a little blog over on Diaryland.  It’s long gone now, which is sad because I think I wrote a couple of entries I wish I still had.  Oh well.  Since the start of this blog, I’ve created a couple of Blogger blogs to keep certain aspects of my life separate from my main blog.  One day, I will incorporate those entries into this blog, too.  Most recently, I created a Tumblr blog primarily for links and quotes and pictures and other internet ephemera I don’t necessarily want to include here.  But, for the most part, this has been my little home on the internet for five years.

The interesting/fun/scary part of keeping a blog for so many years is seeing how far I’ve come (or how old I have gotten) and far I still want to go.  My introductory blog post from five years ago went like this:

I am a writer, a wannabe rockstar, a part-time library assistant, a soon-to-be grad student and a self-proclaimed princess with a tiara to prove my royal lineage. 

I live in Virginia with my husband, a menagerie of pets and more books than the library I work at (well, almost).  My friends are few but loyal, my interests many and varied, my tastes expensive and eclectic.  I’m a Taurus and the description fits: stubborn, loyal to a fault, possessive, self-reliant, wise, jealous, loving and self-indulgent.  I’ve written everything from greeting cards to novels, and writing has always been and will always be my first love.

I like to cook for the people I love, shop alone, garden, travel whenever I can, go to movies and the theater, read and and learn new things.  I love animals, Starbucks frappuccinos, Lush, chocolate anything, hanging out in coffee shops, watching Gilmore Girls, London and Angelina Jolie.  Not necessarily in that order.

I have ridiculously long hair, a tattoo and a convertible.  What more could a girl want?  Oh, maybe a multi-book contract, but I wouldn’t want to be greedy.

My goal in life is to be happy.  For the most part, I’d say I’m succeeding.

That’s Kristina with a K.

Since October 2003, my rockstar status has faded away, I left the library three years ago, I completed my M.A. in Humanities (instead of English, as I had originally intended), and my tiara is in a closet, gathering dust.  I’m still a writer, with five more years—and dozens more writing credits—under my belt.  I’m also a community college adjunct now (that Masters degree comes in handy occasionally).

I still live in Virginia, I’m still married to the same great guy (who is also still in the Navy) and I still have the menagerie of pets, though they are an increasingly elderly menagerie.  I’m paring down the book collection, the faces of the friends have mostly remained the same (added a couple, lost a couple), and my tastes are still eclectic but perhaps not as expensive as I get older and realize the best things in life aren’t things at all—they’re memories. 

I don’t cook as much as I used to and my interest in shopping declines every year, but I would take a trip every month if I could afford it.  I still adore movies and theatre, Lush and Starbucks (though my drink of choice now is a venti black & white mocha).  I spend at least part of most days working/writing/daydreaming at Starbucks, I will always love animals, chocolate and reading, but the Gilmore Girls are gone and Angelina Jolie doesn’t hold quite the same appeal she once did.  I still love learning new things.

My hair isn’t as long as it was in 2003, but it’s still red.  I still have just one tattoo, though I intended to add a second when I turned 40 and just couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  I still drive the same convertible (16 years and counting!).

My goal in life is still the same—to be happy.  I still think I’m doing a pretty good job.

It’s still Kristina with a K and I’m still writing under my real name.  Some things never change.  My current bio (which is actually a year old) reflects some of the changes in my life in the past few years, but there are other, more subtle changes that perhaps only I can recognize.

Five years of blogging has taught me to be more aware of the world around me and the ripple effect of every thought that finds its way to my blog.  I imagine I’ll still be here in another five years, still suffering from insomnia, still blogging about to-do lists and random musings and my current crush and my recent sales.  I’m still waiting on that multi-book contract, so maybe that will come in the next five years.

Time will tell—and so will my blog.


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