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As uncomfortable as I am with being the center of attention, I’m delighted to be featured this month over at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association:

Between the Lines: Ashley Lister talks to Kristina Wright

The charming Ashley Lister interviewed me this month for his Between the Lines column about my writing, my inspiration, my forthcoming stories and even my menagerie of pets!  I have been a longtime fan of ERWA and can’t say enough about the site, the resources and the woman behind it all, Adrienne Benedicks:

I stumbled upon writing erotica by accident in 1999.  I had just published my first romance novel with Silhouette and I was between novel proposals when I wrote a quirky little story called “Service Entrance.”  It was about a woman who pays a man for the privilege of giving him a blowjob.  I had no idea what to do with the story and would have filed it away forever if not for a newsletter called Jane’s ‘Net Sex Guide.  The newsletter was put out by Jane Duvall, who still runs the well-known Jane’s Guide.  The newsletter editor was Adrienne Benedicks and she featured a short story in each edition.  I sent “Service Entrance” to Adrienne and she bought it within days, sending me a lovely, flattering note of encouragement.  From there, I discovered Adrienne’s mailing list for erotica readers and writers and sent “Service Entrance” off to Marcy Sheiner a few months later for consideration in the inaugural 2000 edition of the Best Women’s Erotica series.  Marcy bought the story and I haven’t looked back since.  I have such appreciation and gratitude for Jane Duvall, Marcy Sheiner and—most of all—Adrienne Benedicks for starting my career as an erotica writer.

You can read the rest of my interview here.  And it looks like I may soon be joining ERWA as a reviewer and possibly even a columnist—if I can convince myself anyone would want to read my self-conscious musings on a semi-regular basis.



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