All I Want for Christmas Is… Chocolate Diamonds?

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 • 8 Comments on All I Want for Christmas Is… Chocolate Diamonds?

image  I heard a commercial last night that made me laugh.  It seems that advertisers think you can sell a woman anything if you say it’s “chocolate.”  Case in point—“chocolate” diamonds.  Um… what?

According to WikiAnswers:

Traditionally, the value and desirability of a diamond has been based on its cut, color, and clarity. The perception was that diamonds were most valuable when colorless, or at least were colorless or were a rare color such as a pink or blue. Diamonds that were common colors, such as brown, were deemed “low color diamonds” and viewed as less valuable.

Beginning in 2000, Le Vian created a campaign to brand certain brown diamonds it selected for a dark rich color (generally in the C4-C6 on the scale set by the mine from which brown diamonds are obtained range) as “Chocolate Diamonds.” Prior to that point, these diamonds were simply known as brown diamonds, low color diamonds, or C4-C6 colored diamonds.

Since that time, Le Vian has spent millions of dollars including by TV, radio, magazine, catalogs, billboards, brochures and letters. Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds brand of natural fancy color diamonds have been worn by over 100 Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet at award shows and movie premieres in the US and around the world.

So, basically, what were once just boring, brown, less valuable diamonds have been transformed—thanks to a large advertising budget and some creative thinking—into coveted “chocolate” diamonds.  Am I the only one that thinks that’s a crock of… chocolate?  (I’m guessing “shit” diamonds was probably axed as a suggestion early on.)  Le Vian can keep their Chocolate Diamonds.  I’d rather have the real stuff.

Seriously, are people (women) really this gullible?

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  • Kristina says:

    You know, Eden, I never even considered that maybe the campaign was geared toward men!  That makes sense, I suppose.  Poor guys. wink

    It’s not that I have an issue with brown diamonds themselves (and, honestly, I didn’t know such a thing existed until i saw this commercial, despite the fact they’ve been calling them “chocolate” diamonds since 2000!).  If brown is your color and you like diamonds, that’s great.  But to be swayed by the “chocolate” campaign… well, I like to think people aren’t nearly so gullible.  Women <u>or</u> men!

  • Eden says:

    Do you think the marketing is aimed at women or at men?

    Every time I see one of these ads, I think that maybe it’s aimed at men—the idea being that of course men have NO idea what women want but they know all women like chocolate and sparkly things and therefore… voila! Gift giving connundrum solved.

    Or is it just a case of Buy & Large telling us all “Try brown! It’s the new clear!”

  • Mac says:

    raspberry C’mon… if Paris wears it, every other woman wants it, too, right?!

  • I am. I am a sucker for these diamonds. Anything that is an outsider to the mainstream…

    Well, I guess now it would be trendy to own them. 🙁

    I don’t own diamonds. Just some tiny ones passed down from my mom. Even my wedding ring is not a diamond. Don’t get me started on the whole Diamond industry.

  • Cactus Wren says:

    Wasn’t a similar marketing trick done several years ago, transforming boring unsalable yellowish diamonds into spayshul “champagne” diamonds?

  • IT looks like a marketing technique to push lower valuable diamonds and to get them to be “more valuable” on the market.  I don’t think my Pinto would be more valuable just if Britney Spears was seen driving one…. Or would it be?

  • Shauna says:

    I actually LOVE these diamonds.  I hate my birthstone (topaz/citrine), but I loved it when I found one that had the topaz surronded by chocolate diamonds and chocolate diamonds around the band.  I selected this for my engagement ring and a chocolate diamond band for the wedding band. 

    They may be a lower quality, but the price was inexpensive and it looks excellent with my skin tone and long fingers.  A big plus is that it is a wedding ring that very few would have.  Thank you Le Vian!!

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