Deck the Halls with Balls (of Holly, I Mean)

Monday, December 8th, 2008 • 3 Comments on Deck the Halls with Balls (of Holly, I Mean)

I have a confession.  I used to check into Lust Bites not only for updates from some of my favorite authors, but for the abundance of eye candy.


Now that the Lusties are going on hiatus (I refuse to believe they are retiring!), I can still pop by Erotica Cover Watch for some intelligent conversation about erotica, sexism and culture and.. oh… eye candy.


It’s Man Candy Monday over at Erotica Cover Watch—an attempt to plaster the male figure all over the internet in the way the female figure is plastered all over, well, everything.  I usually forget about Man Candy Monday, but I figure my new Holidailies readers deserve a holiday treat.  Yes, more eye candy.


Happy Holidays!  And remember… you can never have too much candy!  wink

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