Dreaming of a Chill Christmas

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 • 1 Comment on Dreaming of a Chill Christmas

I had ambitious goals this holiday season.  Putting the Christmas tree up early.  Getting all of the out-of-state gifts mailed early.  Sending holiday cards for the first time in three years.  Not going crazy buying gifts and regretting it in January when the credit card bill rolled in.  Not stressing.  Baking the goodies I like.  Spending some quality time with friends.  Spending quality time with Jay.  Reading a few books over the semester break.  Participating in Holidailies and blogging every day.  Getting ready for the spring semester and three sections of English Comp.  Getting my January writing deadlines out of the way.  Deciding what new commitments to take on in 2009 and what to let go.  Contemplating those pesky New Year’s resolutions.

So far, so good.  The tree has been up for two weeks, most of the out-of-state gifts are wrapped and packaged (all but Sheri’s, I think) and I have started writing cards.  Most of the holiday shopping is done—and mostly paid for in cash.  My stress level is hovering around “chill” and I’ve been reading a few pages most every night.  Jay will be home for the rest of the month and I’m pencilling in dates with friends (and trying to convince Sheri she should spend New Year’s in Virginia).  I’m wrapping up this semester now—grades are due next week—and then I’ll focus on streamlining my syllabus for next semester so I can teach three classes efficiently.  I’ve been writing.  I’m working on a couple new things for 2009.  I have some idea of my resolutions.

I know that control over one’s life is mostly an illusion, but it feels nice to have everything falling into place.  My horoscope today couldn’t be more accurate:

Your intensely practical energy is making life much easier than usual for you—and for anyone who depends on you. Everything is just as easy as it should be and that leaves plenty of time for goofing off.

How about you?  Are your holiday plans going as planned?  Do you have a winter memory to share?


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  • Fedora says:

    Congrats on getting to the mellow part of the holidays!  How fabulous!  I’m still at the “stunned it’s December” part wink  Better get cracking on that to-do list!  Yikes! smile

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