Santa Bruce is Coming To Town

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 • No Comments on Santa Bruce is Coming To Town

I was hoping to coast through the holidays on a cloud of peace and chocolate (‘cause you can never have to much chocolate) but the blues have struck.  Now my peaceful cloud is temporarily grounded and the chocolate has all been eaten.  The good news is it’s mostly hormonal and shall hopefully soon pass.  The bad news is that the view from down here on the ground isn’t very pretty.  It’s hard not to look back on 2008 and feel blue.  It wasn’t an all bad year and there were some truly notable moments of happiness, but 2008 brought more sadness and loss than I could have imagined.  My inner strength was tested in 2008—and I have to admit I’m tired.

Best not to look back, though I know I will.  There will be time to contemplate what 2008 means to me in the grand scheme of things.  Time to make those resolutions for 2009 and gather my strength (what’s left of it) to deal with a year that promises—in all ways—to be unpredictable.  But for now I will focus on the good stuff of 2008—and one of the highlights was seeing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Now that makes me smile.  Especially Clarence’s Santa laugh.

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