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Friday, December 26th, 2008 • 2 Comments on Wii Therapy

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  Mine was quiet and peaceful, except for the boxing. 

Oh, did I mention Jay got me a Wii for Christmas?  Wheee!  A Wii.  Sheri has a Wii.  So does Wendy.  Now, I have a Wii, too.  Whatever will I do with my Wii?  So far, I’ve attempted all the sports.  I suck at tennis, but I do okay at bowling, baseball, golf and… boxing.  Boxing!  Me!  I love it, at least on the Wii.  I detest the actual sport of boxing—too violent.  But knocking the crap out of a Weeble-looking dude on a television screen?  Bring it!

Sheri is my source for Wii info and it seems I need to get Wii Fit next.  I’m intrigued.  A video game who will measure my BMI and tell me I’m fat?  Cool!  I can hardly wait!  Seriously, I’m interested in the Wii yoga.

I’m not really a gamer type person, despite being married to one.  I’ve played some video/computer games, of course.  I grew up with Pong, after all.  Space Invaders and Q-bert were my games in high school, Tetris was my entertainment during those first couple of very poor years of marriage and I’ve had a retro-interest in Pacman and Ms. Pacman.  Of course, all of those games are easy enough to put down and walk away from (easy for me, anyway), so I never really got the obsession with a computer game until I got hooked on Myst.  I would play for hours, completely immersed in an alternate world.  When I realized that all that time playing Myst could be better spent writing… I put away the game and vowed that was the end of the computer games for me.  I’ve been intrigued by The Sims and Second Life and a couple of other computer games, but I’ve resisted in favor of the alternate realities I can write about instead.

So, now I have a Wii.  It doesn’t have the same brain-numbing, time-sucking qualities of Myst, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.  And there is something positively therapeutic about beating the crap out of a computer generated dude named Oscar.


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  • Fedora says:

    How fun, Kristina!  We got a Wii last year, and we all still play it pretty regularly.  Of course, it’s just the teensiest bit embarrassing these days when our three-year-old whips the rest of us bowling or whatnot… wink  Enjoy!

  • Oh, yeah for Wii! I’m an addict myself. I can Wii tennis and bowl with the best of them. Heh. I figure it counts as exercise.

    I got the damn dance game for Christmas. It hurts both my pride and my thighs.

    That’s good, right? raspberry

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