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1992 ~ 2009

This is not the best picture of Annabelle, but it’s how she spent a lot of her time the past couple of years—in “her” drawer.  It’s where she should be right now.  She died last night at the veterinary hospital, where she’d also spent a lot of time the past couple of years, with Wendy (our vet and friend), Jay and me watching over her.  It was rather sudden, though in looking back over the past couple of days, I feel like I should have known she was trying to tell me how bad it was.  Kidney failure, brought on by diabetes. You can read more about her in this post

She was with us longer than I expected and not as I long as I wished.  She was 17 this month.

Goodbye, buttercupangelfacekitty.

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  • I’m sorry. ((((Kristina))))) She was a pretty kitty.

  • Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about the death of your kitty Annabelle… I can sympathise with your loss, having gone through the loss of a beloved feline friend myself several times in my many years of living with cats.

    But she had a lovely life with you, and she knew she was loved and cherished. You can comfort yourself knowing that.

    Big hugs….


  • Kristina says:

    Thank you so much, Kate. Yes, she was a very pretty girl.

    Portia, I always enjoy hearing your kitty stories and I know you can understand what I’m going through.  Thanks for your kind words.

  • Teresa says:

    Sorry to hear about your dear kitty. She had a wonderful 17 years with you. The look on her face ( in the drawer) says it all.
    Hugs & Hugs,

  • Sommer says:

    So sorry, KW 🙁 For such little creatures they can leave such big holes in our lives when they are gone. Big hugs to you.


  • Saskia says:

    Oh Kristina, I’m so sorry. We also lost a beloved cat to renal failure in September. She was 18 and (like you say) ready to go, but it’s so hard. I’m sending you many virtual hugs.

  • Cari Quinn says:

    I’m so sorry, Kristina. Annabelle was a beautiful kitty. You’re in my thoughts.

  • Emerald says:

    Kristina, I’m so sorry.  Thank you for providing her a beautiful environment in which to physically live, and I honor her life with you.


  • Allison says:

    Sending you more (((hugs))) – may it be of some comfort.

  • Nick says:

    As someone who is also terrified of needles and who got over that fear to give Annabelle her shots I can not begin to explain how special she was.  I was the one giving the shot but she was the one comforting me.  I was so nervous the first time I did it without Kris, but when she looked back at me with her trademark eyes it was like she was saying “everything is going to be ok”.  Words will never be able to explain how special she was but like everyone else I know that Kris and Jay did a wonderful job loving and caring for her.  While she might not be here with us anymore, she will live on in the hearts of those who loved her and if you met her you loved her.  And she loved us too, especially you Kris.  Never forget that.


  • So, so sorry Kristina. What a sweet picture of her in the drawer. Carry happy memories with you…


  • Amy says:

    My condolences on the loss of your beautiful kitty. She was gorgeous.

  • jessie says:

    oh Kris, we are deeply saddened by your loss. You did the best job loving and caring for her and little Annabelle held on so she could comfort you both as long as she could. It is hard to say goodbye, but find peace knowing she is living on without any pain. We love you both. (((( A million hugs)))))

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