S-s-seduce Me Tonight

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 • 5 Comments on S-s-seduce Me Tonight

Today I received my author copy of Seduction from Black Lace!  Though it won’t be available in the US until April, it is slated for release in the UK in a couple of weeks.  (If you really want a copy now, you can order it from the UK Amazon site) 

I’m particularly excited about Seduction because “The Rancher’s Wife” is my first story for Black Lace, an imprint of Virgin Books.  According to Virgin’s website:

Inaugurated in 1993, and celebrating our fifteenth anniversary in 2008, Black Lace has emerged as the leading imprint of erotic fiction for women, selling over four million books worldwide. We produce the best, most cutting-edge fantasy fiction by women because we never underestimate female sexuality. Black Lace continues to change and develop to keep pace with an increasingly sophisticated audience.

Black Lace was probably the first publisher of “erotica for women” and they continue to publish some of the best work in the genre.  Many of my favorite authors write for Black Lace and it’s a thrill to be listed in a table of contents along with popular Black Lace authors Portia Da Costa and Janine Ashbless.  Wow! 

Even better… Seduction will be followed by Liaisons, which includes my story “Perfect Timing.”  The only thing better than my first Black Lace story?  Having a second story (and hopefully more) to look forward to!


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