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Monday, January 12th, 2009 • 1 Comment on Talking About Books

Once upon a time, I was involved in a two-person book club with a pal of mine.  We started out strong, choosing books through a complicated system of lists and vetoes and new lists.  Sometimes the discussion to pick the book club book took as long as discussing the actual book.  It was fun (if a little too focused on literary fiction) but, for a number of reasons, we only managed to read and discuss seven books in three years. There was talk of bringing book club back several times but we could never make it happen.  When I had my website redesigned by Moxie Design Studios last year, I kept the Book Club tab even though I wasn’t sure whether I would ever revisit the book club in any form.  Tired of seeing the same seven books cycle through on my sidebar (and the utter lack of content in the Book Club blog), I decided that one of my 2009 goals would include bringing the book club back in some way.

Now that I’m reviewing books for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (my first review, Pam Rosenthal’s The Edge of Impropriety, will go up in February), I intend to migrate those reviews over to my Book Club once the reviews go into the archives of ERWA.  I will also be choosing other books to review throughout the year based on recommendations, review copies I receive and whatever strikes my fancy at the bookstore.

Of course, reading and reviewing books by myself doesn’t exactly constitute a “book club,” does it?  No!  So, I’m hoping you—my lovely readers—will join my club and participate in the process.  If you’ve read the book I’m reviewing, please feel free to jump in with your comments.  Is there a book you’ve read and loved?  Send me a recommendation.  Have you written a book you would like me to review (either here or for ERWA)?  Drop me a note and I will accommodate your request if I can.  I would also like to invite guests to participate in book club discussions and then post the transcripts of those discussions, so if you think you might want to discuss (via e-mail) a particular book, let me know that, too!  I’ll probably give away most of the books I review in the spirit of sharing good books with my wonderful readers.

The first book I’m reading for my new Book Club is Taylor Clark’s Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce and Culture.  Do stop by and let me know if you’ve read the book (or one of the other books about the Starbucks phenomenon).  I’ll be posting my own review in a week or two.

Book Club is back, baby!

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  • If I ever get published I’d love for you to review my book. I’d even send you a copy! I love your site and my goal in 2009 besides getting published is to read some of the books you mention and/or are featured in from your site.

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