List Time Again

Monday, February 16th, 2009 • 2 Comments on List Time Again

I’m trying to find my groove for February. I had a string of sleepless nights which proved fruitful in the idea department but threw me off track for some other goals.  So… onward!  Random thoughts abound…

—At any given moment, I know what time it is in California and England.  Why?  Because I await word on various writing projects in both those time zones.  Mentally, I don’t stop anticipating something in my e-mail until after 8 PM Eastern time and sometimes wake up at 4 AM with the immediate urge to check my e-mail to see if anything has arrived from the UK. 

—The good news is that my insomnia kept me awake one morning long enough to formulate an idea that morphed into a proposal that was submitted that same day.  The bad news is, as always, the waiting…

—I finished Robin McKinley’s Sunshine over the weekend and posted my review in the Book Club.  Stop by, won’t you?  I picked up Rachel Kadish’s Tolstoy Lied: A Love Story based on the intriguing title, so that’s what I’m reading now.

—Next up, I’m reviewing Best Sex Writing 2009 for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.  This isn’t erotica—it includes the best essays and articles from the past year about a wide range of topics related to sexuality.  It’s informative and educational, as well as entertaining.  Look for my review on ERWA on March 1.

—In writing projects, I finally figured out the plot of a vampire story I’m writing that’s due next week.  I was jumping out of my skin with excitement when I worked out the details.  Writing vampires is hard, people.  Trust me.  It’s all been done before—and done better.  I’m hopeful I’ve put a new spin on it.

—Teaching is going smoother this semester.  I started out being very organized, not taking anything for granted and having everything ready to go on the first day.  It’s working.

—73 degrees three days ago. Snow this morning. Sinus headache all freakin’ week. I love Virginia!

—Jay’s schedule (or lack thereof) drives me stark raving mad.  Sea duty sucks.

—I am still waiting for addresses from a couple of people who won books last week.  E-mail me so I can send your books!  I’ll be putting packages together later this week.  I have a bunch of new releases coming out between April and July, so I might do a spring contest and a summer contest.  You just never know!

—I need a massage. Seriously.

Um… that’s all for now. Back to writing.  wink

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