A Fresh Start

Sunday, March 8th, 2009 • 2 Comments on A Fresh Start

Six days ago, it was 20 degrees and there was a light dusting of snow covering everything.  (I love living in southeast Virginia because when the rest of the east coast gets hit hard by a winter storm, we usually escape with little more than 1/2 inch of snow.)  Ice crystals formed over new crape myrtle buds and clouds hung in a gloomy sky.  Winter clashed with impending spring… and winter seemed to be winning.  I was horribly sick and spending my days in bed or on the couch, feeling as if I would never be healthy again.

Last night, we set the clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time.  Today, I’m sitting in my usual corner seat at Starbucks, feeling a thousand percent better than a week ago.  I’m wearing short sleeves and sandals on a sunny 79 degree day.  Yellow daffodils dot the yard like little rays of sunshine and the crape myrtle buds have opened to reveal deep pink blooms.  Spring has arrived.

I’m happy to see winter go.  It was not a good season.  I lost my sweet Annabelle suddenly in January.  Two weeks of illness stole the end of February and the beginning of March from me.  And Jay’s granny died last week, thirteen months after the stroke that took her away from us mentally. Julia was a woman I considered family and was lucky enough to call my friend.  She was an inspiration in so many ways and I have been missing her for a very long time now, but the finality of death leaves me feeling melancholy.  It isn’t fair that she missed spring.  It was her favorite season and I can’t look at flowers blooming without thinking of her. 

I’m glad winter is over (or nearly so).  It’s time for renewal, rebirth, a fresh start.


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