C is for Candy, Castle and Cupid

Monday, March 9th, 2009 • 7 Comments on C is for Candy, Castle and Cupid

It’s Man Candy Monday, so I thought I’d do my part in sharing the candy by featuring two new television shows I’m excited about.  (And I rarely get excited by television shows, believe me.)


First up is Castle, starring Nathan Fillion.  Why am I excited?  Well, it’s a show about a writer!  Fillion plays mystery writer Richard Castle, who learns a copycat killer is staging murder scenes from his novels.  Drama, humor, sexual tension—I love it.  From the teasers, it looks like it’s going to be a fun show.  And isn’t Nathan Fillion is positively delicious in that All American, wouldn’t-you-like-to-corrupt him kind of way?  Yum.

Castle debuts tonight!


Next up is Cupid, starring Bobby Cannavale—who may or may not be the Roman god of love.  This is actually a remake of the 1998 Cupid series starring Jeremy Piven as Trevor Pierce.  It only lasted one season (and no one even seems to remember it), but I thought it was well written and Jeremy Piven was brilliant.  Here we are, ten years later, with the same concept and a new actor.  I hope it’s as good as the first incarnation. 

Cupid debuts Tuesday, March 24.

(A bit of trivia: I went to high school with Bobby Cannavale.  He was two years behind me (despite what his bio says about being born in 1971. Hmph.) and I remember him as a scrawny kid who was a bit of a smart ass.  So it’s hard for me to look at him and think he’s as scrumptious as Nathan.)




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  • Neve Black says:

    I wonder if your “insider” information on BC would warrant an opportunity for you to write an episode for his Cupid series? Hey, it’s worth a try? You could weave some great erotic plot into this once, scrawny kid’s character, eh? grin

  • Kristina says:

    LOL… I suppose I could try, Neve. I’m still puzzling over why he shaved two years off his age. wink

  • Edminster says:

    Nobody is as delicious as Nathan, despite the fact that he’s Canadian. Have you seen him in Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

  • Hey, we’re almost Mancandy Monday twins! I did Nathan Fillion, the sexiest nerd on earth, a couple of weeks ago. I don’t care how rubbish Castle is, I’ll still be watching it when it wends its way over here.

  • Kristina says:

    Charlotte!  You know, I saw that picture of Nathan Fillion on your blog and almost borrowed it for this post. wink  I never did find it on Google.  But then I opted to go with the promo pic for Castle. 

    I liked the show, by the way.  First episode was a little flimsy, but it sets up his reason for working with the police detective.  He’s adorable, so I’d watch no matter what.  They glamorize the writing life to a ridiculous level, but maybe there really are 3 or 4 authors whose life is so exciting. Ha.

  • Eden says:

    My friend’s brother is the writer/creator of “Castle.” wink

  • Kristina says:

    Edminster—I love Doctor Horrible! wink  And he definitely is delicious…

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