I Want Room Service

Friday, March 20th, 2009 • 4 Comments on I Want Room Service

image I’m having those dreams again… of checking into a hotel for a couple of days and sleeping as much as humanly possible and ordering room service when I’m awake. Ahh… the fantasies of an insomniac.

My story “The Other Woman” in Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s hotel-themed anthology Do Not Disturb is a fantasy of a different sort.  Rachel interviewed me recently about my story and some of my favorite hotels.  You can read my interview and an excerpt from “The Other Woman” at the book’s blog: Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories.

Meanwhile, I’m lusting over the pictures of the Hotel du Louvre. I’m afraid I wouldn’t sleep much if I went to Paris, though.

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  • Emerald says:

    Lovely interview!  I’m so with you on the 24-hour room service.  smile  And I don’t know, maybe this is just where I am right at this moment, but your description of a “sexy hotel”  felt like it actually made my body physically relax a bit.  That sounds so divine right now….


  • I loved your story in DND so much, and it was great to read the story behind the story in the interview! (Hmm … now I’m wondering about the story *behind* the story behind the story—i.e., what those three people in the elevator were *really* up to.)

  • Kristina says:

    Thanks, Emerald! smile  Room service and a hotel bed does sound lovely right now, doesn’t it? wink

  • Kristina says:

    Jeremy… You crack me up. smile  Thanks for the compliments on “The Other Woman.”  It means a lot coming from you!

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