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Monday, March 30th, 2009 • 2 Comments on Things That Make Me Happy

I spent too much time the past couple of weeks dwelling on an unpleasant situation.  Some demons just refuse to stay buried, you know?  In any case, I am putting it behind me (reburying it, deeper this time) and focusing on happy things.  Here is my list of things that make me happy:

—Pedicures!  I got my first pedicure of the season this afternoon—bright, sparkly pink to match my new bright, sparkly mood!  If I start to feel down, all I have to do is look down. Pretty!

—The website deviantART.  I think I first discovered them through Shanna’s blog.  I’ve been working on a couple of other-worldly ideas and deviantART is great for searching out just the right picture to fit my imagination.

—My daily ride around the block with Henry.  I’m not sure who enjoys it more—him or me.  Okay, me.  Sometimes he brings along a toy for the ride.  It’s too cute for words to see him hop up in the Miata (yes, he is a short dog and must hop up in my low car) and wait for his ride.

—Wilbur, the blind nineteen year old cat, is hanging in there and still going strong.  It makes me happy to see him find his way up on the bed or couch and settle down for a nap.

—Spring!!  It was 79 degrees here in Virginia yesterday and today it’s in the upper 60s and sunny.  I love spring!

—If it’s spring, that means it’s almost the end of the semester!  I’m happy about being almost done teaching for the semester.  I’m ready for a summer break of all writing, all the time!

—Speaking of writing, I’m very happy I registered for the RWA conference this year.  I can’t wait to do some networking and pitch a couple of books.  Plus, there’s the king-sized bed to look forward to…

—Before RWA in DC, there’s Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville!  Happy!!

—And I’m going to Springsteen with Sheri, so it’ll be a very fun pre-birthday girls’ weekend!  Very happy!

Jay is on leave, which is always a happy thing (even if the reason he’s on leave isn’t so happy).  And his birthday is Wednesday (yes, April Fool’s Day), so that’s two things to be happy about!

—I’m happy I have a reliable mechanic.  My baby is going in the shop tomorrow and I know they will treat her well. 

—Did I mention the sunshine?  I’m happy about that!

—Tomorrow is the kick of of the Blow Hard 2009 Tour over on Sommer’s blog.  Twelve lip-smacking days to make everyone happy!  I love my little erotica writing community.  (I take center stage on April 9.)

—Getting things done!  I made four appointments today and have a couple more to make (a massage, for one!).  I like the sense of accomplishment I get from knowing I’m taking care of things.

—Low interest rates!  We’re refinancing our house and will save about $200 a month (which will be put toward other bills).  It’s always a happy thing to have more money instead of less.

—Insomnia-induced story ideas.  Those make me happy because they so often come to me fully-formed, no effort required. And they’re not crap—which really makes me happy!

United States of Tara, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and Dancing With the Stars.  My television indulgences.

Cupid starts tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to the new version of the series.

—I’m happy about recent writing sales (I had a run of them this month!) and some current writing projects.  I love having so much to write—and so many things I want to write.

See?  I have a lot to be happy about.  There’s more, but that is enough to remind me that the past is in the past and life is good.

What are you happy about?

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  • Emerald says:

    What a lovely list! 

    I also love that sense of accomplishment from getting things done.  Sometimes I suspect it might be because of a historical proclivity to not get things done in such a timely manner, but hey, that seems to mean that when I do, it feels really fabulous!

    Congratulations on your happy list!

  • Kristina says:

    Thanks, Emerald!  I’m a big believer in lists for getting things accomplished… writing it down makes it real.  (Plus, there’s something very rewarding about making lines through things on lists!)

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