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Saturday, April 25th, 2009 • 7 Comments on Tweet Tweet

I did not go to the pet store with the intention of bringing home a pet.  I prefer it when the animals who need a home come to me.  But this one… well, I had seen her before and thought she looked sad and lonely all by herself in the big cage.  The second time I saw her huddled over the food bowl and giving me that soulful gaze, I couldn’t resist. Especially when they said she came from another store because they weren’t able to sell her.  So sad.  She’s a lineolated parakeet.  Quite shy so far, but once in awhile she breaks into song.  Hopefully she’ll fit in with the rest of the menagerie…


(She doesn’t have a name yet.  Mabel and Bella have been suggested.  Additional suggestions welcome.  I really should name this baby.)

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