Hel-lo, Summer!

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I submitted grades today and the semester is now officially over!  The number of F’s this semester was horribly disappointing.  Is it me?  Is it the students?  Are people freaked out by the economy and taking college classes even though they’re not prepared to do the work?  I really have no clue.  I made only minor changes to my syllabus this semester and I don’t think I’ve slacked off that much on the feedback I provide, though it has definitely tapered off as I’ve come to realize too much feedback seems to overwhelm some students—and some students never even read my notes!  Still, disheartening to fail so many people even when there were a few real standouts this semester.

Onward to summer!  Plans abound, though you know what John Lennon said about life and plans… Still, in the interest of my sanity (and the sanity of those around me), I must make plans.  Thus I give you, What Kristina Plans to Do On Her Summer Vacation:

—Because of a scheduling problem with work, Sheri wasn’t able to come down last week and we missed the Springsteen concert.  Sadness!  However… we are still planning a getaway at some point in the near future.

Jay should be home in about a month!  Good news!  Of course, he’ll only be home long enough to unpack from deployment before he’s headed off to Mississippi for three weeks of training, but he should be home for much of the summer.  I will not talk about his schedule for the rest of the year because it has the dreaded D (deployment) word in it and that word gives me hives.  But we have a ton of stuff to do around the house this summer, including a couple of rooms to redecorate, so it’ll be good to have him home for however long he’s here.

—The RWA conference is fast approaching.  I will be in DC July 14-19 and I am already starting to make a schedule of things I need to do during those few hectic days.  If you’ll be in DC in July, let me know!  I’d like to meet up with as many writer friends as possible in betwixt editor appointments and workshops and tours.

—Writing!  Oh, the list is extensive.  First up, novels!  I have one to finish, one proposal to write and a couple more ideas spinning around in my head.  One of them is based on my characters in “Cutter,” a story I wrote for D.L. King’s The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica.  I am so delighted with that story and how it turned out that I would really like to expand on it. 

—More writing!  Short fiction, many erotica anthology deadlines in the coming months.  But also some new things.  I’m determined to submit something to Glimmer Train this year.  I have also let this year’s goal to write more nonfiction fall by the wayside, so I need to work on that.

—We’re in the process of refinancing the house, so hopefully that’ll be finished up this month.  It’s ridiculous the amount of time, money and paperwork that is required to do something so simple.  But the combination of a lower interest rate and a lower mortgage payment makes it worth it, I suppose.

—I’m also in the process of organizing and decluttering the house.  It’s amazing how much crap we’ve accumulated in nine years here.  Last year, it seemed like we might be moving and that made me start thinking about paring down the book collection.  I lost interest when the housing market went crazy and we decided to stay put.  But I’m back at it—I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of books and I’m working on other areas of the house, too.  I have no illusions that I’ll get it all done by the end of summer, but I’m starting to make a dent.

—I would really like to get some flowers in the yard—or at least on the deck.  I’m afraid there’s nothing out there now except a bunch of faded and cracked pots overgrown with weeds (and a few perennials).  The gazebo also needs a good scrub down before we can use it this summer.  Cookout, anyone?

—Then there are the little things I’ve been putting off for months: a much needed massage, getting a new library card (my old one was stolen with my wallet last July), getting new glasses—or at least getting the ones I have now adjusted so I’m not constantly pushing them up on my nose, buying some belated birthday presents, finally getting a new washing machine (and dryer) to replace the washer that is currently banging around in the laundry room like it’s possessed.

I know summer is supposed to be time to relax, but it seems I have a whole new list of things to do during the hot season.  wink  Maybe I’ll make a pitcher of homemade lemonade to go along with some of the household chores.  Mmm… lemonade.

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  • danielle says:

    kristina wright you are such a busy bee..grin)))) my summer is not packed as much as yours (yet) but i know this feeling..most people might sigh and say “oh no so much work” but i love to have a full time-planner and i m always kinda exited when i know there is a lot to come and to do..grin

    best wishes from europe


    ps: cant wait to get a copy of the sweetest kiss in my hands since i lovvveeee vampires.

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