Playing With Fire

Monday, May 4th, 2009 • 4 Comments on Playing With Fire


Can I just say how much I love this cover?  I don’t smoke, but I love black and white photography and I love the 1940s look.  Isn’t it just a luscious cover? 

I also love that the always gracious and terribly clever Alison Tyler edited this book.  Did I mention that every story has a smoke/fire/heat-themed title?  I told you she’s clever. 

The thing I love best of all is that I have a story in this beautiful book!  “Where There’s Smoke” is pretty hot (if I do say so myself) and proves that one man’s fantasy is another woman’s reality. 

Here is the lineup of smokin’ hot writers I’m keeping company with:

Lucifer and Venus by Nikki Magennis
Fire Woman by Sommer Marsden
White Heat, White Light by Shanna Germain
Carrying a Torch by Sophia Valenti
Out of the Frying Pan by P.S. Haven
Three on a Match by Jeremy Edwards
One Hundred Degrees in the Shade by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Burned by Michael Hemmingson
One Hot Slut by N.T. Morley
Trial By Fire by Bella Dean
Where There’s Smoke by Kristina Wright
Texas Hot by ADR Forte
Flick that BiC by J.D. Waters
The Salsa Bar by Jolene Hui
Fanning the Flames by Andrea Dale
On a Hot Tin Roof by I. K. Velasco
Hot Off the Press by Thomas S. Roche
Scorched by Janine Ashbless
The Last Cigarette by Heidi Champa
Some Like it Hot by Alison Tyler
Fire Boy by Christopher Tolian
Just Add Water by M. Murphy

Alison has set up a blog for Playing With Fire to highlight some of the lovely reviews the book has been getting.  Do stop by and say hello, you never know what surprises Alison has in store!

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  • Kristina says:

    JM—So glad you have it!  I have my copy, but I must confess I’m still working my way through some of the earlier anthologies this year.  I do not understand how I get so woefully behind on my reading!  It’s like the pile of books just keeps growing and I’m not making a dent. wink

  • JM Stone says:

    I’m with you on the cover – it’s awesome!!

    I have the book, and am working my way through it…but have only made it as far as three on a match.  Can’t wait to finish it.  It is definitely a HOTHOTHOT book 😀

  • Alison Tyler says:

    Hey KW,

    There’s another swell review, with this note for you:

    “And ‘Where There’s Smoke,’ by Kristina Wright. This story has plenty of emotion, vulnerability, lust, deceit and confession, and adrenaline. It has romantic love, forbidden love, and still, innocence.”


  • Kristina says:

    Thanks for sharing, Alison.  wink

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